6 Things Attract Girls & Make Them Like You

Girls are different from guys and instead of working girls. Physically. You should work them mentally girls don’t really require you to put on a show in order to turn them on but they expect you to be able to put them in the right place psychologically.

One thing to remember is that every girl is different and you can’t really follow a formula. So now you’re smelling great. Let’s get into The Godly game principal so you can really turn the girls on.

1- dominant body language and behavior

Be Bold be fucking bad-ass girls. Love Bad Boys. You never see Jason Statham without a fucking day. Do you that’s right. One of the things that turn women on is knowing that the guy she’s dealing with is really a man and I mean really a man so many guys are so shy and scared when it comes to talking to and being with women. So when you’re the exact opposite, it’ll be an instant turn on for her if you appear dominant and constantly show dominant Behavior.

Your lady will be begging for you showing dominant Behavior. Your Leader taking charge and just letting her follow you should be the one who initiates everything and doesn’t ask for fucking permission just goes and does what he wants women to want you to have this mentality and everything you do because it makes them feel safe secure and desired if you’re still unsure of how to do this just imagines what a dominant badass would do in the situation you’re in and just do that .

2-  focus on the overall experience

Attract Girls

this tip is important as fuck so take notes. All right, all of your actions with women should be Framed with this principle in mind girls are a lot more impressed and satisfied with the overall experience. They have when they spend time with you then how you do individual things think of it like this if I had Gordon Ramsay serve you the most amazing can watch salad, but it was served to you on a styrofoam plate with a plastic fork in a fast food restaurant.

How would you feel about the dish now? Think about that? Same exact quinoa salad, except it was served to you by a waiter wearing white gloves on a silver platter and a restaurant with white tablecloths and Fucking bad, which restaurant experience are you going to prefer?

The second one? Exactly girls are the same way, you have to package and serve yourself and all your actions to them in the way that smooth seductive and all-around.Awesome.This is why it’s not enough just to be good-looking.

You have to have a good game playfully flirt with her touch her and make her into you every possible way the ability to do. This is what separates guys with good games from guys withgreat game.

3- make her Feel Tired

Attract Girls

one thing that never fails is when you really make a girl feel desired girls really want to feel desired especially romantically because it makes them feel better about their insecurities.

And when you give them that reassurance, it boosts their confidence and makes them feel a lot more comfortable with you when she’s that comfortable. She’ll be on a higher energy level which usually means that she’ll also be a lot more into whatever you’re doing which is going to make everything work out better for you.

4- be observant to figure out the specific thing That works on her.

Attract Girls

different girls, like different things your main girl might love one thing and your side girl, might love something totally different. So it’s your job to experiment and see what actions and behaviors girls like and cater to those preferences and a shortcut to figuring out. This is to Simply ask her she’ll appreciate you taking the initiative and treating her the way she tells you she likes to be treated.

5showing your emotional side.

Attract Girls

girls are used to guys talking to them with this constant.I’m an Untouchable tough guy mask on and that’s why girls really don’t get to see guys talk about their feelings or showing vulnerability when a girl is actually interested in you as a person and it isn’t only some casual shit. She will really want you to show all of those things. And when you do it chances are it’ll turn her on because it makes girls feel really special when guys open up about this type of shit. It makes the girl feel like you actually trust her and see her for more than just her looks because otherwise you wouldn’t be having conversations like that in the first place.

6- thoughtfulness

Attract Girls

one thing that turns a girl on the most is if you are thoughtful and remember little things let’s say you were talking about food and she told you her favorite restaurant in the area if you invited her over and surprised her with food from that restaurant before she comes it’ll be an instant turn on for her because it shows you actually listen to the things he tells you and you actually care enough to think about her in a way. That’s more than just sexual.

This is just an oversimplified example, but you get the idea Hey, that’s it in summary have a dominant body language and behavior focus on the overall experience make her feel desired be observant show her your emotional side and be thoughtful and most importantly don’t forget to check out our badass.



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