Hey, guys, let’s talk about the hair loss. Now is normal for guys to start losing their hair in their 30s, mid 30s, but some of you might be losing a lot more hair because of your bad habits and you don’t even realize it. So in this video, I’m going to talk about five bad habits causes you to lose your hair. Let’s get to it.

So good. Now, let’s start with the first bad habit that causes hair loss.

  • Hot showers.

I used to be guilty in this one. And why is hot shower so bad for your hair? Because hot water dehydrates your hair, leaving it dry and brittle so it breaks and falls out. Easier when you wash it and also when you dry it and style sheet later on. It also dries your skull. When you wash your hair and strips your hair off, its necessary oils. I know. Showers are nice and I like sometimes I still make it hot, but I just don’t keep my hair underneath the showers. Not that good from my buddy, but sometimes I’ll make the sacrifice. I’m not saying you have to. It’s your choice.

  • Poor diet and also skipping meals.

If you have a bad nutritional lifestyle, it’s not only going to affect your whole body, but your hair as well. And listen up, your hair needs more than McDonald’s. So to keep your hair healthy, eat more fruits and vegetables like bananas and cauliflower and even egg yolk because it contains natural Byatt’s and which is a vitamin B that improves the infrastructure of your hair and increase hair growth.

  • Site hairstyles.

If you like, Tida, hairstyles, you’re probably more likely to lose your hair in grating damages, your hair follicles. And once it’s bad in damage, it’s almost impossible for your hair to grow back again. So don’t stall your hair that tight. Just keep it a little bit of freedom. Now, the next hobbit is one that I can’t really control.It is using excessive

  • hairstyling products.

Not for me in modelling over the last 13 years. Oh my goodness. Especially in the last few years here in Asia. Some of you who watch my model lifestyle series, you know that I’ve been doing modelling contracts in Asia just to get the experience of the culture. But they use so many styling products excessively on my hair that it damages my hair. And there’s been times where I had to take just a break from modeling for a few weeks. Even now, I’m in Japan. You can see the front of my hair here. Some of the are broken. So please. From personal experience. Stop using excessive hairstyling products.


  • All right, this last one is very interesting.

It might come to a surprise to a lot of you, but if you use certain medications like Andy, the prisons and antianxiety agents and even hormones like thyroid replacement drugs, they can cause you to lose your hair. And for women, birth control pills can also interfere with your hair growth, causing it to fall out prematurely. Now, if you’ve got some time, check out some more of my article and we will succeed. Cheers.

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