7 Billionaire Habits We Should All Copy

Here’s the thing. Well, we can’t copy the bank accounts of billionaires in other words we can’t just copy and paste that into our bank accounts. We can’t copy and paste the daily habits and rituals that these men and women have done for probably years that have helped them focus themselves to get to their billion dollars. Now I’m not saying we’re all going to be billionaires but I am saying that we can all be a little bit better a little bit more successful if we do what successful men and women have done already. Today boys. Most of these guys have given away their free secrets their free rich live free daily habits and interviews etc.. Well I’ve scavenged throughout all these interviews from these great men and women to personally in my own life implement the daily habits that these billionaires are doing. Today I’m going to give you the seven daily habits that I’ve practiced from them that have helped me tremendously that I suggest you copy as well. If that sounds interesting. Well, that’s happened.

1- Morning routine

forget about waking up early and more so on how you wake up. Now I wake up early because I want more time in my day to work more however billionaires really don’t focus on that. What billionaires focus on is how they wake up. You see every billionaire that I have read up on or see an interview on have one thing in common they all have more integrity. If you don’t have a set morning routine something you can follow. You’re going to wake up late behind schedule you’re going to make mistakes and more so you’re gonna make the biggest mistake of them all. And that’s letting the morning dictate what you have to do versus you having a set schedule and you doing what you need to do because you’ve already planned. In other words, you’re letting your day set your priorities and take its natural course versus you taking control.

2- To work harder

This one I took from Elon Musk and that is just to work hard. The mayor worked so hard. He says he doesn’t even have time for breakfast. He wakes up and goes straight into e-mails and works a hundred 20 hour work weeks. Let me just put that into perspective a little bit. Most Americans complain about their 40 hour work weeks. That means that he works four times as hard as you do and I do and his net worth reflects that to do anything great. You have to work harder than your competition. You want to be a YouTube. You’re not just going to post wants to win you get a post seven times a week. You want to be a great athlete. If your coach tells you to run 10 sprints you run 30 sprints. And in other words, you always got to work.

3- Learn something new

learn something new your brain is a muscle the same way you go to the gym and hit more reps and progressively overloaded. You to be progressively overloading your brain because not only is that just good resources that you can use that can help you build wealth but also it can help spark creative juices. Your brain is going to be more agile.

4- Meditate

Meditating multiple billionaires that I’ve seen and heard of like Oprah I’d like to meditate in the mornings and this kind of like what I was talking about before is a good way to just clutter your mind. A good way to just relax and this could be anything from breathing exercises or just sitting there in complete quiet for about five minutes before you start your day. This is your alone time where you can clear your mind to ensure that it’s not cluttered with everyday stress and anxiety. Again to me, that type of clutter is your biggest roadblock to creativity and problem solving and that’s why a lot of billionaires like to meditate in the morning to start on a clean slate and be able to tackle a day and with their billion-dollar.

5- Value sleepover everything

Value sleep over everything at this I got from Jeff Basso. Both Warren Buffett and Bezos have publicly mentioned that they love to sleep. Bezos has actually said that he prioritizes his eight hours. That comes before everything else. Otherwise, he knows that his workflow is going to be affected.

 6- Exercise more.

This is a particular habit that from what I’ve read on and heard interviews almost every billionaire does and that is working out in the morning. For example, Jack Dorsey who’s the founder of Twitter has tweeted out before that he performs that perfect seven minute workout that went viral a few years ago every single morning.

Bill Gates likes to hop on the treadmill for about an hour and listen to educational DVD every morning as well so Bill Gates actually does two of them. He exercises and learn something new every single point.

7-Wear same thing everything (It saves time)

Where the same thing every day. This is to not waste time on small decisions and instead focus on the big decisions that are making you all the money. Both Mark Zuckerberg who is known to always wear a great T-shirt and Steve Jobs who would always wear his famous black turtleneck adopted this model and most billionaires do the same. So they don’t focus on the little stuff.

Finally boys. learn from other people’s mistakes. And this is from Jack Ma the founder of Ali Baba I believe his net worth is like 30 or 40 billion dollars. And the reason for this is that this is the smartest. This is like the smartest shortcut you can take. Why would you want to go into that mistake yourself? While learning from your own mistakes. Is super smart the wiser the smarter man will learn from somebody else’s mistakes to avoid that potential downfall and waste time and having to recover from that mistake. Learning from others’ mistakes is the fastest way to become better and that’s basically it for this week’s veto. Guys, I hope you enjoyed it. Those are the best habits from billionaires that you should be copied. That’s it for me today boys. CNN.


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