10 Best tips for working out right

Being healthy and fit is very essential in today’s scenario. Whether it is cardio or yoga, at home
or a gym; any exercise would bring the required fitness provided you take care as you work out.
Get some tips about working out right
1. Stop and Go
Full sprint would strain the muscle of your lower body. This is to be kept in mind if you plan to go
for a sport requiring full sprint. To fight this drawback, stop-and-go exercises are the best. For
an instance, run 30 meters with about 80% of the effort, then slow to jogging for about 5 to 10
meters, and then run again another 30 meters. You can repeat this procedure about five times.
2. Bended knees
About three out of 4 ACL injuries occur when players turn or land. According to Journal of the
American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons, JAAOS, when your knees are bent, instead of
being straight, the injury risk is reduced greatly reduced.
3. Cool Down
You cannot cure a heatstroke like you do with some minor headache. Stay cool and well
hydrated to avoid the same. Ensure about the combined temperature and humidity is lesser
than 160 as stated by Dr. Dave Janda of IPSM
4. Getting proper equipment
Ill sized equipment or badly fitting gears could cause training injuries. Money that is spent extra
goes a long way, on proper equipments.

5. Doing it rightly
Bad technique is equally bad as bad equipment. Gain good advice from trainers and various
pros as they would act invaluable to your training or exercises.
6. Going west; whatsoever is the direction
When you are training or playing in several directions, you must warm-up yourself initially.
Moving backward, forward, sideways or any motion you would actually do. This would prepare
your body right.
7. Film yourself up
Cameras and mirrors do not lie. Showing video to people who are well versed about your
training would assist in your fitness program.
8. Loosen the shoulders
Your shoulder functions could be shut down even in cases of a slightly manipulative rotator cuff.
You could include stretching for protecting the rotator cuffs.
9. Take a dip early
Ensure to schedule early sessions of swimming. Less people within the pool would mean less
10. Protect yourself
Wearing customized mouth-guards would reduce risk of various injuries by up to 82 percent as
per study at UNC, Chapel Hill. Push up some cash for a customized mouth guard and it would
last for several years ensuring good teeth and smile.

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