If You Don’t Sleep with Socks on, Start Tonight


Wearing socks helps you sleep better. Whether or not to wear socks to bed has been a debate of the ages. Science now says the answer is yes. Keeping your feet warm helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep. It helps with circulation to warm feet keep your blood vessels open blood vessels tell your brain that it’s time to sleep and they also evenly distributed to the rest of your body to keep you comfortable.

What side of the debate are you on? Do you sleep with or without socks? Let me know down in the comments. Think about what material your pages are made of.


What are your individual needs? Cotton is all natural soft and all around coffee. But do you have night sweats? If so then cotton might not be the best choice for you as it’s not great at walking away moisture. If you have night sweats you can buy moisture wicking PJ as silk is surprisingly good at body temperature control but can be slippery and pricey. Flannel is ideal for the winter months. If you still keep your bedroom cool at the end of the day literally what you feel most comfortable in is what you should sleep in. Keep it loose


Tight clothing isn’t ideal for a good night’s sleep by tight I mean leggings anything made of compression material or tight elastic wearing tight clothing to bed isn’t good for circulation which affects that sleep pattern I mentioned earlier. Tight clothing may also cause you to sweat you gross so whether you like to shop for PJ sets or just wear whatever T-shirt you’ve got at home keep your jammies loose and breathable. By the way this goes for your socks to opt out of the compression socks when you’re hitting the hay

Avoid buttons snaps zippers and jewelry. Yeah those extras might make your pajamas look stylish but they can potentially irritate your skin and disrupt that precious sleep cycle. You might even be allergic to some of the metals used in these accessories. They would be find a lounge in but probably not very comfortable to sleep in. Pajamas are the last thing that should be complicated especially during a late night bathroom break. Wash your pee J’s regularly. Not to gross you out but your jammies are home to millions of dead skin cells and bacteria from sweat. Plus if you usually have a late night snack add food particles to that list as recommended to wash your pajamas after you’ve worn them three or four times or you can always invest in a few pairs of your favorites. If you don’t wash your pajamas it increases your risk for bacterial infections and skin irritation. Talk about sleep disruption. The best PJ is might be. No PJ is sleeping in the nude is really good for the body. Think about our ancestors. I’m pretty sure their jammies were nothing fancy. Sleeping sans deejays is good for your skin and hair. It allows the pores to breathe and as it turns out the body is pretty good at regulating its own temperature so you’re not likely to sweat if the body temperature stays down is better for growth hormones which helps with anti-aging and promotes a better metabolism. Say what. Yeah. Ditching pajamas can boost your metabolism which can lead to a healthier weight. Consider a sleep mask. It might not be clothing per say but a sleep mask will shut out any light. Wear earplugs to block out any sound.


Darkness and silence will get you your best and deepest sleep. Science backs this one too. Covering the eyes and ears during sleep has been shown to increase the body’s melatonin level which is our brains and natural sleep inducing hormone. Need some more sleep tips other than counting sheep. Keep your bedroom cool


About 65 degrees Fahrenheit is the optimal temperature for sleep during all seasons not too hot and not too cold during the winter months you might want to break out those flannel jammies. The key is to balance the room’s temperature with your body temperature. You’re more likely to wake up in the middle of a night from being hot rather than being cold. A cooler room temperature can even increase your brown fat. That’s a good fat in your body. Drink a soothing hot tea before bed


Chamomile and peppermint are both super relaxing herbs that are popular in teas and the best thing is these teas are decaffeinated and can be found in any grocery store. There are even some teas that are marketed specifically for sleep


Keep us sleep inducing plant in your room. There are a lot of plants that are known to help with sleep but three of the most popular are lavender Jasmine and aloe Vera. All three reduce anxiety slow heart rate and lower blood pressure. Aloe Vera in particular is very good at giving off good clean oxygen so you’ll be breathing cleaner air which in turn will help ease you into a deeper sleep. Plus lavender and Jasmine both smell wonderful which will induce peace of mind and relaxation. Breathe essential oils. Similar to drinking a hot herbal tea herbal scents can be powerful relaxers to Lavender peppermint and eucalyptus are the most calming sense out there. You could take some whiffs of the open essential oil bottle or if you have an oil diffuser. Even better. BREATHING DEEPLY is an instant relaxer but doing some deep breathing with these sense will ease you right into sleep. Portis there are pillow sprays you can buy that contain the essential oils of these relaxing herbs. Keep the electronics out of the bedroom. It’s too easy to play on our phones or tablets when lying in bed to relax before shutting our eyes or trying the falling asleep to TV method. None of these really work. Our electronics over stimulate our brains even long after we’ve put them down or turn them off. Remember how I mentioned complete darkness and silence earlier. Electronics interfere with that plus the light from your phone or tablet may be harmful to your eyes. If the rest of the room is dark so save Words with Friends for earlier in the evening.


Invest in nice sheets. You won’t regret the splurge. Just like your pages your sheets should be soft and breathe all but also like your pages your sheets should be washed regularly since they too will become home to dead skin cells and bacteria from sweat. Try out a different thread counts but know that the higher the thread count the more expensive the sheets will be. However good sheets can last you a lifetime


Go to bed at the same time every night. This is a tip that sleep dogs will repeat over and over again which is repetitive and redundant. No matter if it’s in the middle of the workweek or the weekend try to go to bed at the same time every night and get up at the same time each morning. I know I like to sleep in on Saturday mornings too but it’ll help you get better sleep in the long run.

If your body starts preparing itself for sleep at the same time each night you’ll fall asleep faster.


Skip the late night snack. I know it’s tempting. Everyone loves some popcorn while they watch their evening TV shows or maybe even snag some leftovers from dinner. Resist the temptation. A late night snack means extra carbs and the body uses carbs for energy. Your body may think its activity time when it’s really time to go to sleep. Plus a late night snack will mess with your sleep cycle. Even if you fall asleep you may not be able to stay asleep. Just make sure you eat a healthy filling dinner. Soak up some Vitamin D.


What I mean is get plenty of natural sunlight during the day. We have something in our bodies called our circadian rhythm and it’s affected by sunlight. It works like this when the sun is out. That means it’s daytime. So we should be awake and active when the sun goes down and it’s dark.


That means it’s time for activity to decrease so our body can prepare for sleep. It’s the most natural and holistic way to improve your sleep. You’re welcome.


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