Most 20 Things You Should Never Share

Sharing is caring right there are lots of things that we are more than willing to offer to others. It’s not uncommon to offer to share things among friends and family like an article of clothing a bag of chips a blanket.

However, there are some things that you should never share for medical and other reasons one thing you can always share though is health tips and other things like that some things our channel does so why don’t you hit that subscribe button and click the notification Bell as well.

So you’re looking to share some of your stuff you do that because as a Vesti viewer, you’re really generous however as generous as you maybe there are some things that you should never share with others embrace your inner greed when it comes to the personal things that should remain Persona the aftermath of oversharing can have a surprisingly disturbing consequence here is some of the stuff that you should never share with others.

1- toothbrushes


while you may be inclined to borrow someone’s toothbrush. When you forgot yours, there can be dangerous consequences dentists state that sharing a toothbrush is a bad idea from a hygienic as well as a medical standpoint unless the toothbrush is put in boiling water after being used you can be exposed to germs and gum disease.

2- lip balm



The lip skin is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, which makes sharing lip balm. Even if the lip balms owner has no signs. There’s a risk of easily catching a disease like herpes.

3- toothpaste


while not as risky as swapping toothbrushes sharing toothpaste should be generally avoided toothpaste can carry infections, especially if the spouts edges touch contagious bristles, which is more likely than you think.

4- tweezers


can easily become a carrier of blood-borne infections. If not properly cleaned between uses while the chances of catching a disease through the average tweezers are fairly low. It’s not worth the risk, when all you have to do is clean the tool first.

5- razors

It’s not advisable to even share razors with anyone else. They quickly accumulate tons of dead skin cells and bacteria. Also if someone has cut themselves using a razor sharing it could result in picking up a blood-borne infection.

6-  nail clippers

nail clippers should be disinfected with an alcohol-containing solution after every use of nail clippers can carry bacteria and sharing them can risk transferring someone’s fungi, which can result in an athlete’s foot.

7- towels sharing

towels is to be avoided due to their ability to retain moisture and other bacteria, especially when they hang in a wet bathroom contaminated towels can transmit fungal infections and bacteria that can result in acne and pink eye.

9- bar soap

a bar soaps purpose maybe to clean but it still does get dirty. This means it shouldn’t be shared among people. There’s a multitude of illnesses that can be transmitted by direct skin contact through sharing soap with others.

10- earbuds

earbuds can easily transfer the bacteria from one ear to the other when shared it’s important to make sure to wipe off any earbuds you plan on exchanging with someone else.

11- makeup sharing

makeup is a bad idea. Especially I related products. This is an easy way to contract everything from pink eye to canker sores.

12- stuff you put on your head

anything that makes contact with the head isn’t a good idea to share due to the risk of spreading lice. This includes everything from hats helmets and pillows to hairbrushes and combs.

13- Pumice Stones

pumice stones are prone to becoming full of dead skin from the feet which makes it something you should definitely not share sharing these Stones can result in transmitting fungus or in some cases strains of HPV that cause plantar warts.

14- earrings.

You may be used to sharing jewelry with your friends. But earrings are different while proper sanitation can eliminate the risk of transmitting any blood-borne infections. It’s best to limit your earrings to your ears Only.

15- flip-flops throwing on a pair of a friend’s

flip-flops may seem harmless, but they should be considered personal items considering flip-flops are worn often in the summer or by wet feet. They can easily be prone to harboring fungus and Yeah, which can result in athlete’s foot or warts.

16- pillowcases

these places to put your pillow can quickly become home to hair product residue dead skin bacteria and germs while your own pillowcase is okay others can result in your skin breaking out number 17 underwear most people cringe at the thought of sharing underwear, but some don’t see the problem with secondhand undies if they’ve had a good wash.

However, it’s best to make sure you’re the only one wearing your underwear sharing can not only lead to STIs but some bacteria can also be incredibly resistant and still manage to in fact.

18- cloth never share floss.

This might seem obvious but considering one couple on TLC’s Cheapskates admitted to it. They’re probably more people who think it’s okay sharing floss is an easy way to transmit viruses. Citizens should never be done.

19- computer keyboards.

This one might seem odd, but bear with us here keyboards can become home to more germs than a toilet. The more your keyboard is shared the more prone it gets the harboring bacteria. Make sure those who are typing away on your device wash their hands regularly.

20- hair trimmer.

here We’re talking about things like electric razors unless the trimmer is properly sanitized like it is at the barbershop. Then you should never share it with someone else after Consulting. Dr. Whitney bow, we discovered that sharing dirty trimmers can transfer the bacteria from another person’s face onto your skin increasing the risk for acne and follicle.

Itís Yeah, unless you want skin blemishes or a common skin condition in which the hair follicles become inflamed and keep your hair trimmers to yourself.


We’re going to tell you never to share drinks with someone colds strep throat mononucleotide has herpes mumps and meningitis in all be transferred from shared beverages a hand. So our list of things you should never share has to wrap up. Now.



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